Book Review: “The Secrets Of Happy Families
If Tolstoy was right, what do happy families have in common? Bruce Feiler attempts to find out in his new book.


Can Leprosy Finally Be Eradicated?
A new test and vaccine could help stop a disease that has afflicted people for millennia.


As CityCenterDC Nears Completion, Washington Revisits Century-Old Height Restrictions
Architect Shalom Baranes urged the rising generation to consider lifting the century-old historic height restriction in Washington, D.C.

Tackling School Safety Through Design
In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, how can designers marry 20th-century environments with 21st-century technology to make schools safe?

Barely Legal
Arent Fox’s glam makeover by Studios Architecture.

Funny Farm
GrizForm Architects remakes Farmers Fishers Bakers on banks of the Potomac.

The House that Radio Built: This is NPR
Hickok Cole Architects transforms an art deco concrete warehouse into a state-of-the-art radio headquarters.

The Art of Healing
At every turn, thought-provoking art greets the eye in the new wings of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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12 Easy DIY Fall Fix-Ups
You’ll be glad you did.

All About Wallpaper
Rule #1: Hire a pro.

Low-Cost Custom Details from Design Pros’ Own Homes
They are so clever, those designers.

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A Modern Past
Residents of a 1969 Baltimore townhouse enclave designed by architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen, celebrate its smart, practical design.

The Strongest Link
An exhibit of objects made of industrial woven metal mesh demonstrates the versatility and sexiness of a material once reserved for factory conveyor belts.

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From the Ashes
D.C.’s Georgetown Library reopens after a devastating fire.

Textbook Success
A vigilant grassroots effort helped save a forgotten school in Maryland.

Open House
Architect Nestor Santa-Cruz transforms the Washington, DC, home of Hilary Rosen and Elizabeth Birch.

nature conservancy
Awakenings/Portraits of Faith (cover)
How does one’s faith foster a conservation ethic? Put another way, says one ecologist, “What is the right thing to do over and above my personal or selfish concerns?”

Landscaping Planning Guide
A 25-article compendium that covers the essentials from topography and design to hardscape and contractors.

Attractive Options in Solar Power
What if your HOA covenants prohibit solar panels?

Real Experiences with Solar Power
Until she went solar, a Southern California mom dreaded her electric bill. “Teenage boys do not turn lights off no matter how much you yell at them.”


Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives: Turf Grasses

Low-Maintenance Ground Covers

Yahoo Life
“God Sitings: Searching for Faith” (cover)

“20 Biggest Net Scams and How to Avoid Them” (cover)