My op-ed about the need to modernize our unhealthy, overcrowded, low-tech neighborhood school.

welcome to murchThis week I don my advocate hat to push for a much-needed renovation of our neighborhood elementary school. In 2012, when I was appointed co-chair of the School Improvement Team at Murch Elementary in Washington, DC, our committee figured that we’d soon be analyzing Ed Specs and blueprints to help make our school a model of educational effectiveness. But then last year, without warning, our funding was mysteriously pushed back in Mayor Vincent Gray’s capital budget. As I explain in an op-ed in this week’s Northwest Current, our 85-year-old building is extremely overcrowded, unsafe, and fast-deteriorating, and we can’t take the chance of being overlooked again.

Here are highlights from our “kitchen.” Yum! (And yet, we love this school!)

kitchen "cooking" area everything and the kitchen sinks cold storage kitchen wires