Further Signs of Decline

 Standing in the Whole Foods check-out line, I was transfixed by a spider bobbing and spinning over the shiny new magazines, whose cover lines might have been fresh 30 years ago, although probably not. Town & Country is going after the youth vote with a purported tell-all on the Reagans. Meanwhile, Real Simple would hoodwink us again into believing in “Holiday Entertaining Made Easy.” Next door, Dwell promises “living large on 900 square feet.” I guess that works if you, your spouse, kids, dog, and parakeet are all ascetic monks. Not pictured: Men’s Fitness, which features megalomaniac Arnold Schwarzenegger  on the cover and the perennial teaser LOSE YOUR GUT. As a magazine editor, I’ve been as guilty as anyone of perpetuating these dopey retreads and lies. Still, when they’re brainstorming ideas, do the editors ever listen to themselves?