Shaw Jelveh Design’s monograph chronicles innovative body of work.

 Just in time for NeoCon East in Baltimore this week comes the long-awaited monograph of Shaw Jelveh Design Selected Portfolio 2004 to 2011. Having written several stories about this firm’s work for Interior Design and The Washington Post, I was honored to write the introduction. Covering architecture and design, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few people who exemplify the attributes of genius — visionary, generous, painstaking in their pursuit of the perfect solution, a sponge-like ability to absorb ideas from anybody and anything they encounter and then weave those wisps together in a new game-changing way, a fearlessness to experiment while also building bridges to the past, and a spooky laser-focus in execution. As her work attests, principal Marybeth Shaw (left) meets that criteria. Last year, she put Shaw Jelveh on hiatus to move back to New York, to the company where she got her start, wallcovering powerhouse Wolf Gordon. In her new role as chief creative officer, design and marketing, she brings new depth and vision to this industry, having completed dozens of projects from interiors and furniture to luggage and packaging, and all with a deeply held commitment to sustainability and good design.

You can’t get this lovely little portfolio in bookstores, but here are a few choice pages.