Sticky Fingers

 On a fix-it tear this morning, I Krazy Glued a towel bar, a plant stand, an earring, and my finger to my iPhone. The only thing that didn’t stick was the mortgage button. I had never heard of a mortgage button before I bought this place. When we first looked at the house, the previous owner pointed to an ugly butterscotch-colored blob on the newel post and told me, proudly, that it’s an old tradition to glue a button somewhere when the mortgage is paid off. Mortgage buttons, as you might surmise, are rare, little-known artifacts from a time when people actually lived to kiss their home loans buh-bye. This one has been knocked off twice by contractors, who add ten years to our mortgage just by stepping over the threshold. Perhaps the button’s refusal to stick is a message from the Cosmic Lenders Association as we were just talking this morning about refinancing again.