My latest project explores the strange true tale
of four talented and charming siblings hellbent on reinventing themselves after losing their mother, two uncles, and a sister to suicide.
The eldest wrote her way to the top of the best seller list and onto the silver screen in pre-Code Hollywood.
Another sister published fairy tales and preached the power of love in a New Thought faith-healing sect.
The two smooth-talking brothers hawked miracle cures,
desert real estate, and shoddy mail-order tires
–barely staying one step ahead of the law–
yet somehow built one of LA’s most iconic neighborhoods of “storybook” cottages.
With a trail that stretched from Manhattan to Montecito, with stops in Puget Sound, Honolulu, and Japan,
their schemes and dreams propelled them to
glamorous heights — and tragic depths —
as they strove to erase the scars of their past
and to escape the family curse.
And wouldn’t you know it,
they happened to be long-lost cousins of mine.
Stay tuned…

Found Along the Way