Writing in the time of Covid

Welcome to my new website. For some reason, in the midst of these tenuous, traumatic, consequential times, I decided to redecorate the place. What started as an exercise in procrastination became an archival project, where I took stock and tidied up and decided to put my energies into writing the damn book that I’ve been promising to write for years. So there’s not much to see here yet–this site is essentially a business card, a place holder, a perch where the hope for better days ahead may alight. In the meantime, here’s wishing you health and peace.  Enjoy the tweets and Instas, and check back soon.


Kanye West's candidacy lasted 11 days, or exactly one Scaramucci

I need to stop saying keep saying that we're on the verge of authoritarianism because we are already there. https://t.co/oQamJTS8xs

Ok, so this bird doing multiple dances to different alarm ringtones is definitely the Twitter content I’m here for.

Birds, bruh... https://t.co/CVHvBtIStz

Far from draining the swamp, Trump put the swamp on the White House payroll.

A gun lobbyist turned White House lawyer helped lift the ban on gun silencer sales to foreign buyers, enacted by the State Department to protect U.S. troops abroad.

Swamp level today: dangerously high. https://t.co/cgerGeALfD
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